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days gone by

Ugh. I need another job, to lose about 50 pounds, finish my associate's degree, get a bacheleor's, and do so many things that I just CANNOT because of lack of money. Working part-time. Ugh.

In fandom news, Elementary  and Les Miserables stole what was left of my soul.

Read the icon, it makes more sense.

Someone just tell me that saying "shit sometimes sucks and sometimes you have to make choices" to someone ISN'T being unsympathetic. I have a friend who's going though some shit, and she wants me to sympathize with her and bitch at her other friend. The thing is, I don't think the third person is being an ass. So here I am, pretty much saying "yes, this sucks, yes I understand it's hard, but sometimes you have to make choices."   And once again, I get accused of not caring. Most of the time when she brings things like this to me, most of the time i listen, and do that 'good girlfriend' thing of calling the person/situation that is causing the problem a prick. But some days, like today, I just can't, because I think she's over-reacting and just needs to chin up and make whatever choice. (And btw, we're not talking life or death choices here, it's between doing something she didn't really want to do and getting smokes for the week). So in the calmest way I possibly can, I say that I'm sorry that it's hard, that it's stressing, but sometimes you just have to make choices. And what happens? I get accused of not caring, because I'm not...whatever.
I really don't think I'm being a bitch, but apparently I am. I'm going to go before the incredulous slow burn I'm doing compels me to make someone into  shoes a winter coat.

Take my chances

I'd like to tell you I haven't posted in here because I was off having a life, but the truth is I've been too damn lazy to even do a screaming about Doctor Who fandom post. Apparently I have problems. Oh well, more coffee!

Titles and Lyrics and Art and Fans

Does anyone else find it weird that I get 80 percent of my new music from fanmixes these days? I do.

In an unrelated story, Kenneth Branagh reading Shakespeare at the Olympic Games opener was brilliant. He looked so humbled and giddy to be there, every time the camera panned by him he was wearing a grin that would not be contained.

Warning: Contains warning

I'm going to see The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow night for the midnight show, so expect a squealing post of fangirl sometime thereafter. Ye be warned.


Fandom? After all this time? Always.

I know it's been three months since I updated, but considering I never have been a blogger, and am very bad at writing with any sort of consistency, three months kicks the heck out of a year or more. I don't have a ton to stay at the moment, I'm pretty tired to tell the truth. I did a major clean of my flist for groups and people, so I don't even know if anyone is still reading that doesn't get more interaction on Facebook but oh well, whatever. If that's the case, at least I'll have somewhere to squeal and scream about fandom, which is pretty much my life at the moment.

Speaking of fandom, BBC's SHERLOCK. I fought this fandom, I fought. I stayed away from the dvds like they were cursed. I didn't need another fandom to obsess over (Doctor Who is quite enough, thank you) and I had a gut feeling that it would be just my new crack. And how right I was. Little slips over the past year and a half, an episode here, an episode there...and then Series 2 hit me and I caved in. I caved in to the paradox of John Watson (sweaters and soft-spoken, yet still the one who pulls the trigger)  to Sherlock's genius, Magnificent Bastardry, coat, violin, cheekbones and fingers (fingers are deadly for me, one of the main reasons I'm a David Tennant fangirl are his hands...), Mycroft's unabashed, proud, icy Britishiness, and, of course, ALLLL the delicious innuendo. Those were the first interests, like most people's, along with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt's BRILLIANT WRITING. But finally, over the past month, I think the real obsession has reared it's gorgeous head.

This brilliantly mad, sweet, humble, giddy, gorgeous man
and his portrayal of James Moriarty. He holds your eyes, your attention. Not just by being gorgeous, but by being brilliant. You never know how he'll turn, or act. Calm as a glass sea and then the next second liable to blow everyone up. A snide remark or a joke or a jeer or a squee. Yes, he squees, a villain who squees...and then presses a button and everyone dies, while his suit stays clean. Oi, and the suits. I love me some men in suits.(This show might as well be porn for me). Then Reichenbach happened and in the middle of the expected dread over Sherlock, I got gut punched when the gun I wasn't expecting went off and I had to admit I was whimpering for a lost madman.  I never went for the villain before, it's a bit strange but I just can't stop. Well, I could, I just don't want to. Just going to sit here with my tea and carve me some apples. I'm sure I will rant and rave later and try to explain why being captured by Sherlock's arch nemesis  is suddenly NOT SO BAD. Or maybe I'll spare you.

Also, I may be on the road to loving Mycroft as well. I always have been a Brit whore.

And if you don't watch the show, I'm sorry it's all I go on about presently  until Doctor Who starts up again, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit comes out. 
Just not sorry enough to stop.

If anyone's reading, I love you and I promise a real life entry sooner rather than later. I'm going to post this before I regret it.


It's been awhile...

I'm finally getting around to answering insaneboingo 's questions from awhile back. Yes, I am a horrible procrastinator. Add it to my list of faults, along with not blogging. I have an innate disbelief that anyone would find my life interesting, because I hardly do. Will try and change that this year, as well as blog more. Anyway, on to the questions.

1. If you could spend a day with any famous figure (from the present or past) who would it be, and why? What would you both do on your day together?
~ This question is nearly impossible. Admittedly, I'm not the student of history that I should be, and most of my first responses/thoughts were actors, past and present...yeah. But in the spirit of the question, which seems to me geared towards historical figures, the only one I can come up with is Casanova. He's fascinating, and so much more than a womanizer. I'm in the middle of his memoirs right now and the detail of life, of the people is astounding. He was an exceedingly clever, perceptive, man and it's a shame he gets remembered as such a douche. And, since I'm also in the middle of trying to learn a bit of Italian myself, I'd say language studies are in order, along with a damn good meal and some violin music.

2. Favourite comfort food? Is there a reason that you find it so comforting, or just love it because it's delicious?
~Comfort food for me tends to be fried food, probably because it's what I got as a treat when I was younger. I crave french fries when I'm stressed, so there you go. Also, food that's substantial, heavy, or 'man food' tends to be my comfort food. Burgers, pasta, creamy, rich foods...why? I don't know

3. If you had your own TARDIS, and you had a choice to travel through time or to another planet; what would you choose? '
~Other planets don't seem to ever end up well, so I'm going to say though time. Europe in the 18th century, or America during the 60's.

4. If you one day woke up with a superpower, what would it be? How would you use it? Would you continue a normal life, or become a superhero/villain? 
~ I've been asked this question all my life, hanging out with comic book people, and the answer always changes. Telepathy would suck, flying would be amazing, but you can't practice it in secret, which would be my instinct. Flying might just be worth it anyway, I hate planes, but I think flying with wings or other natural ways could be amazing. Telekinesis is always good. :) I would attempt to pull a Peter Parker and keep my identity secret (plus it gives me an excuse to wear a mask!), so that's a plus. As for the hero/villain question...I'd hope to stay on the good side, but I sometimes suspect if I got a taste of power I might toe the line of right and wrong..

5. What is the best album that you've listened to recently? "Happiness" by Hurts. I don't know why, but it just clicked with me from the off. Maybe it's the synth, the vocals, the words...? It just lodged in me from first listen, which is rare for me and a completely new band/album. Again, thanks to the lovely insaneboingo for that. :) She has awesome music tastes.

6. Something that you have on your "bucket list"? Visit Venice, get something published (I have delusions to being a writer, or used to, maybe that's past...still, it would be awesome), someday find out if I can pull off the butch-short haircut that part of me yens for, find someone to share life with, travel more,  meet Neil Gaiman, work in a coffee shop for a period of time, see David Tennant perform Shakespeare.

7. What is a quirk or talent that you have, that I probably don't know about? I'm not sure of talents, as I don't think they've come to light yet and that's really for other people to answer. *shrugs*. But quirks? I can't stand people who leave the tap running while they brush their teeth, and people who use pens then leave them uncapped drive me up a wall. I have to stop and cap them. It's so, so weird.

Alright, I had best get ready for work. I WILL update more, and please feel free to poke me if necessary.  I will attempt to do interesting things. I seriously need a new theme and a mood theme, icons...have some digging to do. :)

....I haven't blogged in so long I don't even have a good sign-off anymore. lol

It's aliiiiiiiiiive!

Arrgh. I swear, I'm not dead, just drowning in lack of time to myself lately.

I have wireless internet set up at home for the new laptop, so I hope to be online more, and catching up with and commenting on your posts, if not making my own.

I haven't moved to Florida yet, things got rushed and I tried to do too much too quickly. I'm still planning on going this summer though, which may get confusing and tough due to money, and to the fact that I'm due to be in my friend Noelle's wedding (first wedding I get to be IN!) in July or August, but I'm not sure, as she's still planning things. She lives in LA and I need to take the train or flight down there in the next few weeks to visit and get dress-y things accomplished. This is bound to be fun...the last time I visited her in LA, much liquor was drunk, boys were harassed, songs were sung, we saw John Cleese live and got drunk and re-enacted Harry Potter on the roof with Peeps.

Good times! LoL

Also, Alice in Wonderland is AMAZING. It's been ages since I saw a movie two nights back to back. The only thing that bothers me is The White Queen's way of moving, it's a bit annoying. However, she looks amazing. The Hatter's habit of breaking into a random Scottish accent startled me upon the first viewing.  And, I have to say, I'm girl-crushing on Alice in the armor in the end. She is breathtakingly gorgeous in it, so strong and beautiful.

I also ordered myself 4 Doctor Who shirts as a belated birthday present, and need to pre-order Hamlet. Also, why didn't anyone tell me L.A. Without a Map is now on dvd for America? I need a second job or a winning lottery ticket!
I've missed you all, your entries that make me smile and your musings, picspams, memes, singing, song posts, uploads and awesome observations. I hope you are all well.

Also, finally got to the first disc of Life on Mars. Did I say that already? Sorry if I did. Still loving Sam!

Oh, and I downloaded Firefox, as suggested. ;)

To days to come...!

I'm alive. My computer died, I had to save up and get a laptop. Now I'm saving again to get the router and such for the wireless. Windows 7 is weird. Does anyone know how to favorite websites? (I"m running Internet Explorer)I  My toolbar is very, very wonky looking.

In fandom news, I finally did two things: 1) watched Children of Earth. As my best friend is fond of saying, Russell T. Davies IS the 456. End of story.

2) I finally, FINALLY got my hands on the first disc of Life on Mars. Still have a problem seeing Sam Tyler, and NOT The Master. However, I love the way the show's written and the moment in...the second or third episode, I believe it was... where the girl and her clown popped off the tv shared the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of me. Good camerawork on this show. I'm loving it.

I'll be around.

To days to come...!

Begin emo.

I can't win.

I love, I get my ass handed to me. I give and give and give...tears and heartbreak...and I get told I've wounded worse than anyone else.

Happy New Year's indeed.

I just HURT...I can't even cry...but it fucking HURTS...